DB Dialog: Acoustic Service Design

More than 5.5 million people contact the phone-based customer service of Deutsche Bahn every year. The callers have concerns from a wide range of different areas. In recent years, the call portal has become increasingly complex and small. The caller had to navigate through more and more menu items to find a qualified contact person.

The task was to design the portal in such a way that it is more user-friendly and intuitive. This involved introducing shorter navigation paths adapted to customer requirements. By streamlining the portal structure in this way, the average waiting time could be reduced considerably. A newly cast speaker duo now leads to the desired conversation partner in a service-oriented and friendly way.

The language has been simplified and adapted to everyday language. This has enabled Deutsche Bahn to increase customer satisfaction enormously and to optimize the processes within the telephone portal – from dialing the number to talking to the service employee.

The announcements and on-hold times are accompanied by the corporate sound of Deutsche Bahn, which was designed by why do birds in 2014.

Since the successful launch of the new telephone portal in 2017, we have been conducting continuous user testing and surveys in order to constantly improve user-friendliness.

  • UX Design Award 2017, Nominee
  • German Design Award 2019, Nominee



„In the course of the restructuring, we have intensively analyzed the portal structure and processes. The insights gained in the process were particularly valuable in order to be able to respond precisely to the respective questions of the customers. In this way, we can guarantee that customers reach the right contact person within a few steps.“

Jens Lunze, Project Officer Program and Performance Management at DB Dialog GmbH

„Our telephone portal is an important point of contact and communication interface with our customers. The portal structure was modernized and the processes of the telephone portal were optimized. The result was tested by an independent market institute before the launch date and we were very satisfied with the reactions.“

Jennifer Reiter, Division Manager Sales & Services at DB Dialog GmbH