DB Dialog: Service Acting

How do you bridge the gap between brand strategy and customer experience and create a mutual understanding between brand managers and service team?

With the help of the “Service Acting” method, service situations can be made visible from the observer’s perspective. Ideas for a changed tonality can be quickly tested, discussed and varied.

As part of a project with Deutsche Bahn, we had professional actors reenact everyday situations of a DB Dialog service team. The service employees were thus able to observe their own actions from the outside and brand managers were able to experience live what challenges the service team faces in everyday life.

In this way, it was possible to create a common starting point from which strategies for optimizing brand-adequate customer service could be developed.

„For me, this format offered many valuable insights, especially in my role as a design and brand manager. The workshop made the team’s challenges tangible and thus even clearer.”

Sabine Stein, Head of Team Communication Design in the Brand Management Department, CD/CI, Sponsoring at Deutsche Bahn

Service Acting is also ideal for testing and developing service concepts and training service personnel – even without professional actors. Development and service teams can use the method to test processes and procedures and experience interrelationships in order to better assess or internalize them.