DRV & DB Dialog: Getting rehab clients on the road to recovery

Ongoing project

DB Dialog organises the entire process of arrival and departure for rehabilitation stays for the German Pension Insurance (DRV) – from the travel voucher to the service hotline and the billing process.

Together with our client Jens Lunze, Program and Performance Management, our task was to develop a leaner and more customer-friendly call portal.
During the course of the project, however, it became apparent that there was already a need for optimization in the information transfer before the call.
Through workshops and the involvement of relevant stakeholders, we recorded the customer journey and tracked internal processes. Intensive observation of customer concerns in the form of shadowings revealed weaknesses and provided indications of potential for optimization.

As a result of these findings, the project objective changed from a redesign of the call portal to a holistic optimization of the customer journey in order to make the process more intuitive for the applicant and thus clarify most questions in advance. Always with the aim that the rehabilitation patient can make use of the therapy as easily as possible in order to accelerate recovery.